Frangible support structures

Composites for airport structures

Designed to absorb impact and collapse safely, our fully frangible masts and poles are used in airports around the world. These fiberglass solutions are manufactured using our pultrusion and pull-winding technology for light weight yet rigid solutions helping to keep airfields safe.

Suitable for both civil and military use, our solutions have passed UV-radiation, corrosion, deflection, and survival under stormy winds testing.

We customize solutions based on your needs and requirements.

Key benefits


Fully frangible, yet strong, rigid, and radio transparent.

Easy to install

Our self-raising system helps eliminate or minimize the need for lifting equipment.

ICAO and FAA compliant

We have all major certifications for our solutions.

Frangible approach lighting poles and masts

Frangible fiberglass composite solutions which allow lighting to be installed from 25 cm to over 50 meters high. Aviation yellow, aviation orange, and other colors are available. The masts’ frangibility starts from the ground where they are bolted to their supports.

lighting pole

Frangible glide path towers

Light weight with high stability, these frangible fiberglass towers are easy to setup. The tower’s guy rods are also fully frangible for a structure with a survival wind speed of 60m/s.

Frangible weather & observation masts and poles

ADM6 compliant fiberglass poles and lattice masts for observation equipment like wind direction indicators, anemometers, transmissometers, and forward scatter meters. We can paint the masts and poles according to your color needs or in compliance with ICAO annex 14 red-white scheme.

exel weather mast

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