Composites for the automotive industry

The ways we are traveling are changing. Our cars are becoming more technologically advanced and the drive towards electric vehicles is creating a new wave of automotive thinking. If you are thinking about how you can better use composites in cars, you’ll be happy to know that so are we.  


No compromises

The main advantage composites provide is their weight savings without compromising the mechanical performance requirements demanded by the industry. We work with your engineers to design composite solutions including EV battery boxes, stiffeners, drive shafts, crash beams and boxes, stays and braces. Our deep composites expertise and continuous manufacturing capabilities translate into value for you; we can help you take full advantage of composites while always looking uncompromising quality and cost-efficiency.

Forward thinking possibilities

With our global sales and innovation and production centers, we bring together the right team to work with you, no matter where you are located. Our R&D team are happy to discuss resin chemistry, technical aspects, and especially the many possible uses for composites across the automotive industry. We are happy to explore with you how you can achieve more light-weighting, thermal management, cost-efficiencies, safety, and longer life cycles.

Forward thinking

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