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There are probably countless applications where composites provide tangible benefits. For applications and industries where reducing weight or where you want to have control over material characteristics, composites enable a wide range of solution opportunities. And with over 60 years’ experience in a wide range of applications and industries in over 50 countries, we work closely with you and are happy to offer our advice on possible solutions.  


Reasons to Believe

Global Presence

We are there to support you with manufacturing in six countries from the US to Europe to China. We have a growing sales network ready to meet with you locally.

Composites expertise

We love to talk about fiber characteristics and discuss resin system recipes. We enjoy both the simple needs as much as the very complex cases.

Quality manufacturing

Pultrusion and pull-winding are our specialties; we believe these continuous manufacturing technologies offer many benefits for our customers such as cost-efficiencies, repeatable quality, volume manufacturing.

Our key applications and industries

There are many applications where composites can be used. Here are a few of our most common application and industry areas.   


Composite tubes

Countless possible uses for our standard and custom carbon fiber, fiberglass, and hybrid composite tubes.

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Composite telescoping poles

Extend your reach with our telescoping composite pole solutions.

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Composite tool handles

Combine the benefits of lightweight composite tubes or telescoping poles into durable tools with great hand feel.

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From sprayer booms to green houses, composites help save energy and increase productivity on farms.

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Sporting goods

We cut our teeth on carbon fiber ski poles; our composite tubes and laminates can help you with skateboard pop, lighter bows or a high-performance downhill ski.

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Oil and gas

Our spooled composite rods and tubes resist the harshest of downhole conditions.

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Photographers and film crews will appreciate the benefits of using lightweight and strong composites equipment (like booms and tripods).

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Many advantages for so many applications

Composites are suitable for a wide range of applications in countless industries. Combined with our continuous pultrusion and pullwinding manufacturing technologies and our extensive knowledge of composite design and engineering you can benefit from composites in several ways.


With a specific gravity one-quarter that of steel and two-thirds that of aluminum, our lightweight carbon fiber, fiberglass and hybrid composites can help save weight across your applications.

High strength and stiffness

While lighter than steel and aluminum, you don’t need to sacrifice strength or stiffness.


Fiberglass is a natural insulator. This helps save energy or even improve hand feel for broom handles. Composites have very low thermal expansion characteristics.

Chemical and corrosion resistant

We can tailor the composition of the composite to meet your specific environmental needs. Composites in general are corrosion resistant and do not rot.

Design flexibility

We work with to you consider how and where the needed composite product is used, this helps us identify possible design considerations and features we can incorporate which help you reduce part count or simplify your value chain.


We design our composites for long life cycles and low maintenance requirements. This adds value for your customers.

Our Equipment and other industries

Discover how our composite solutions are used for equipment and other industries.

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