Fabrication & Repair

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Cutting, sawing, drilling, hole sawing, threading & tapping, routing, and more.

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Mechanical Fastening

Nail, screw, bolt and riveted connections.

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General adhesive use, curing, adhesive joints, taping joints.

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Repair & Cleaning

Common repair problems, cleaning, resin sealing, resin filling and more.

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Painting & Finishing

Painting composite products and more.

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General safety advice

  • Always observe the general precautions associated with manual/power tools and equipment. When sanding, machining or cutting composites, we recommend you wear a long-sleeved coverall and dust mask¬† ¬†Composite dust is non-toxic but can cause skin irritation.
  • To extend the life of your cutting bits and tools, we recommend that you avoid applying excessive pressure when drilling, routing or sawing.
  • During any machining operation, avoid generating excessive heat as this will soften/burn the bonding resin and may produce a ragged edge.
  • Ensure your composite material is properly supported during cutting to prevent warping and chipping at cut edges.
  • Seal all holes and cut edges with an acrylic spray or epoxy resin.