Tailor your look and feel

Our customers use our composites in a wide range of applications and aesthetic characteristics of the final product vary depending on use. We accommodate a wide range of aesthetic needs, from colors and textures to functional coatings. 


Smooth surfaces

In many applications, such as visible bus ceiling or side panels or where your product needs to make a strong first impression, a high-quality smooth surface is demanded.   

Rough surfaces

In some applications a rough surface is called for. We can texture the composites surface to meet a wide range of rough surface needs.   

Resin color system

Gives you the freedom to choose any RAL color for your final fiberglass product. Unlike painting, the color is integrated throughout the profile.  


If your application calls for a special color or you are receiving pre-assemble products from us, we can paint the products to meet your specific color requirements.   

Pattern textured surfaces

Using special foils, we can integrate a wide range of surface patterns, such as imitation wood or other textures you may need on your products.   

Adhesive texturing   

We can texture the surface of the composite to work with your adhesion or bonding systems. Our peel ply covering keeps the surface clean and easily peels away when you are ready to install the composite.   

Custom winding patterns

With pull-winding, we can tailor the composite’s fiber appearance to be unique to your specific product; helping your product stand out.