Secondary processing

We are always thinking how to add more value  

Secondary processing operations are a cost-efficient way to add value to your manufacturing value chain. By having us take care of operations like cutting, drilling, sanding, packaging, or even gluing at our facilities, we save you the processing steps, equipment, and time otherwise needed.  


Customer packaging & final assembly

Some secondary operations can complete a product, and it is more efficient to have that product put into our customer’s packaging directly. We can accommodate many types of packaging or final assembly operations.

Functional coatings

Some applications require our composites to have an additional functional coating, typically applied via extrusion (typical with spooled rod products, for example). We are happy to discuss your particular functional coating needs. 

Common secondary processing operations we routinely provide

Cut to length 

Do you need the composite delivered in assorted pre-cut lengths? We offer a wide range of cutting options all with quality assured measurements.  

Factory drilled holes 

Many of our composites are attached or combined with different accessories and require a set of holes to be drilled in the composite. We accurately drill any range of needed holes at our factory.  

CNC machining  

Our CNC machines are ready for any number of cutouts, holes, or custom cut shapes you require. We routinely handle volume levels of machining to customers from across our production.  


Customers often have adapters or attachments which are glued to a tube or other profile. Our secondary processing steps can combine the cutting to length, drilling, and gluing of adapters or connectors to the products in our factory. For many customers this step completes the assembly steps needed for their products (for example mop or broom handles).  


We offer several printing options, including laser etching to add your logos, text, or other needed content. From simple bar codes to printed labels, let us know about your needs.  


Let us know if your composites require specific paint finishes or colors, we offer a range of painting options.  

Sanding & grinding 

Would you like to have the edges sanded or chamfered to a specific bevel? Do you need a rougher surface texture for bonding? We offer a range of factory sanding and grinding services.  

Pre-packaged kits 

We cut/assemble different sized composites & accessories into a kit ready for installation or delivery. This saves you the extra handling steps. Let us know what you are thinking and we are happy to work out a cost-savings & time efficient solution for you.