Composites for trains and trams

From side panels, to ceiling and wall panels, composites help reduce train and tram weight while providing long life solutions which help reduce lifetime operational costs. We work with train and tram OEMs and system suppliers to design composite profile solutions which are easily integrated into the vehicle and improve the value chain.  

Exel Transportation

Durable long-life solutions 

Trains and trams are not replaced very frequently; and we understand that longer life cycles are an important aspect of your products. Using composites which are resistant to the environmental conditions like harsh Finnish winters or salty sea air help reduce lifetime maintenance. Fiberglass is also very dent and ding resistant, helping to protect the overall visual appeal of the train or tram, and if repairs are needed, they can be easily performed in depot.

Simplify with multi-function panels

We design the composite profile by working closely with you to understand the operational requirements and overall design of the tram or train. We do this because we can help identify where multiple parts can be combined into one profile, that helps reduce your supply chain complexity and installation costs.  

Surfaces ready for the rails 

We can tailor the profile’s surface characteristics according to your needs. If the panel needs to be painted directly, we can apply veils in the manufacturing process which produce a smooth, paint ready surface.

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