Bus & coach profiles

System suppliers and OEMs know that weight and material performance are key factors when designing the many functions and features of today’s buses and coaches and choose composites for these benefits. Composites such as fiberglass provide long life durability, reduce manufacturing complexity, and provide the desired surface finishes, for inside and outside the bus or coach.  


Long-life durability 

Fiberglass side panels easily resist the daily dings and dents public buses are subjected to, easily springing back into shape, and if needed, repairs are easily made in depot. With built-in corrosion resistance pollution or salty road conditions are no problem for composites, they don’t rust, and that means less maintenance over the bus’s lifecycle. 

Ready-to-paint surface finishes

When designing your bus profile, we can incorporate veils into the manufacturing process which deliver a range of surface finishes, ready for painting without sanding or fillers.  

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