Exel Composites supplies fiberglass profiles for electric buses

Global composites manufacturer, Exel Composites has collaborated with Chinese bus and coach supplier Yutong, providing fiberglass profiles for 33 electric buses that have been delivered to Helsinki, Finland. The introduction of the electric buses is part of the country’s goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by five million kilograms a year.

Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Exel Composites design and manufacture some of the largest and most complex carbon fiber and fiberglass composite profiles on the market. The manufacturer has provided Yutong with the skirt and side panels of the electric buses, which were delivered to Finnish bus and road operator, Pohjolan Liikenne.

Exel Composites has over 60 years’ manufacturing and engineering experience of composites and worked closely with Yutong to develop a composite solution for their requirements.

Composites are lighter than metal alternatives, and are used on large vehicles, such as buses, to help reduce fuel consumption and lifetime maintenance costs. Diesel buses on average produce three times as many particles per mile as diesel cars. However, the composite material helps to decrease the weight of the buses, which increases efficiency and environmental benefits, such as reducing carbon emissions from fuel.

The delivery of the electric buses is the first time that Yutong, which became the first listed bus company in China in 1997, has entered the Finnish market. This is also the largest volume of buses that Finland has purchased from overseas. The country, which is already renowned for its safety and efficiency when it comes to public transport, aims to have 400 electric buses operating in the capital by 2025.

“With Yutong’s aim to produce more environmentally public transport and to reduce carbon emissions by five million kilograms a year, composite materials are one of the key materials to help accomplish this,” said Kathy Wang, Head of Sales Region, North Asia at Exel Composites.


“The light weight of fiberglass was important to this project as it reduces operating costs, and helps to increase energy efficiency and environmental sustainability,” explained Wang. “Additionally, our composite profiles are resistant to deformation, chemicals and harsh road environments. Repairing fiberglass is straightforward and can be done in depot. This means that the overall lifetime and operational maintenance costs of the buses is decreased.”

“We’re pleased to have been chosen as the manufacturer for this project. Our global reputation and experience as a composite’s manufacturer meant that we were able to meet the demanding requirements of Yutong,”, continued Wang.

Exel Composites and Yutong

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