Composite solutions for your applications

Our specialists work closely with customers across broad range of sectors, including:

Exel Transportation Transportation


Make stronger, lighter and more sustainable vehicles with internal and external composite profiles and stiffeners. 

Exel buildings and structural composites Buildings


From composite door profiles to structural I-beams, we have a range of solutions which are engineered to last.

Exel composites for wind energy Wind power

Wind power

Composites help turbines become more powerful and economical. 

Exel telecommunications 5G composites Telecommunications


Help ensure stable network connectivity with radiotransparent, long-lasting composite solutions. 

Global Presence

As a global operator with over 60 years of composites experience, we’ve built up a wealth of local and international knowledge. We are available to discuss your needs and work with you to realize the full potential of composites. With a wide global sales and sales support network our focus is to truly understand your needs and discuss composite possibilities, and deliver quality products.

Our company

What are composites?

Composites, also known as fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), are materials composed of reinforcements (fibers) and a matrix (resin).

Often chosen for their low weight, corrosion resistance, durability and aesthetic quality, composites can be designed for purpose to allow you more flexibility .

At Exel, we specialize in the continuous manufacturing methods of pultrusion and pull-winding that efficiently and consistently produce high-performance, high quality solutions.

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