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Cleaning and maintenance tool handles

For tools with all-day usability

Combine the benefits of lightweight composite tubes or telescoping poles into durable tools with great hand feel. From carbon fiber window washing telescoping poles to fiberglass mop handles, our composite tool handles are used in a wide range of applications. We specialize in continuous manufacturing processes for consistent quality and volume output.

Exel tool handle for cleaning

Key benefits

High quality, smooth surface

We offer a range of surface finishes to provide the right hand-feel.

Stiffness and strength

We work with you to cost-efficiently engineer your needed strength and stiffness requirements.

Secondary processing

Need it threaded, or a hand grip or connector pre-installed? We can accommodate.

Our hard-working composite tool handles combine the need for a light weight, durable handle with the benefits of using composites like fiberglass. We have a wide range of sizes available, and can customize to meet your unique tool specifications.

We offer a range of standard colors and can accommodate your custom colors. The color is embedded in the resin of the composite, not just on the surface. Our secondary processing options help streamline your value chain, we can cut, glue, label and even package products for you.

Choose from fixed length tool handles or from our range of composite telescoping poles to reach higher.

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Standard handle diameter (outer/inner)
Min length
Max length
22/18 mm (0.87″/0.77″) 600 mm 2000 mm
23.5/20.5 mm (0.93″/0.81″) 600 mm 2000 mm
25/22 mm (0.99″/0.87″) 600 mm 2000 mm
25.4/22 mm (1.0″/0.87″) 600 mm 2000 mm


These are our standard composite handle dimensions. We also work with you on custom sizes, please contact us to find out more. The typical minimum order quantity is 1500 pieces.

We make it easy for you

Start by selecting your handle. Next specify the color (the pigmentation is added to the resin, ensuring the color is consistent throughout the product, and is long lasting). Then let us know if you need end grips or thread attachments, and if you require any secondary processing such as holes or printing.

You can even specify the type of packaging used when we deliver; from plastic wrapped to cardboard to plastic ties.

Additional features

We can also include an anti-bacterial (silver ion) additive to the resin for tool handles that help reduce bacteria. These types of handles are most commonly found in areas where higher hygiene is important, such as food preparation or in the health care industry. The tool handles can be sterilized using standard autoclave processes

Exel Composites Exelens composite handle

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