Composites for the transportation industry

How would you like to use composites?

Are you thinking about how you can take advantage of composites in your cars, buses, trucks, or trains? So are we. With a growing demand for safer, greener, and more sustainable vehicles, we can help you meet the challenge. We work with transport designers and system suppliers from across the globe to design, develop, and manufacture carbon fiber, fiberglass, and hybrid composite solutions for lighter, safer, and more energyefficient vehicles.

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Global Presence

Exel’s global sales and innovation and production footprint means that our expertise is always within reach.

Focus on sustainability

Composties help reduce vehicle weight, save fuel, and get the most out of a battery's charge.

Technical Expertise

Our engineers work with your engineers to get the most out of composites, from design to product delivery.

Where you can find our solutions

Today we see a growing demand for lighter vehicle solutions, from body panels to stiffeners to battery boxes. Exel’s composite specialists work closely with system suppliers and vehicle integrators of cars, buses, trams, trains and trucks.


Bus and coach profiles

Increase operational life and reduce fuel costs through lightweight and robust internal and external composite solutions.

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Train and tram profiles

Reduce lifetime maintenance costs or integrate multiple parts into one large profile and reduce overall complexity.

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Truck and trailer profiles

Lightweight composites help reduce fuel costs and their durability helps reduce maintenance.

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Automotive profiles

Consistent quality at high volume and design flexibility make our composites an ideal alternative to metal.

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We inspire design freedom

Composites give your transportation engineers the freedom to innovate. We work with you to combine our vehicle experience from around the world with over 60 years of composites expertise to help you optimize your designs. We can help you take advantage of the benefits of carbon fiber, fiberglass, or a mix of composites. 

We specialize in pultrusion and pull-winding (continuous manufacturing technologies) for cost-efficient flexibility.

Key benefits include


Lighter than comparable metal parts, composites such as fiberglass and carbon fiber are engineered to meet your engineering requirements. Using composites helps reduce overall vehicle weight, leading to greater fuel savings or extending EV ranges.

Strong and stiff

With strength that’s comparable or superior to steel or aluminum, we can engineer the design of composites to provide the strength or stiffness demanded of the vehicle’s application (for example stiffeners or even driveshafts).


Our composites are shape and specification ready. Continuous manufacturing with pultrusion and pull-winding deliver cost efficiencies across the supply chain.

Thermally efficient

Composites are excellent insulators and retain their shape in extremely hot or cold conditions. Their thermal management properties are especially helpful in applications such as EV battery boxes.

Environmentally durable

Vehicles are exposed to a wide range of harsh environmental conditions. Our composites are corrosion resistant, and easily withstand both salty or acidic road, sea, or sky conditions.


The elastic nature of composites such as fiberglass mean they spring back into shape and withstand general bumps and dings; and can be easily repaired in depot. This is especially useful for heavy use vehicles like city buses

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