People & culture

A global “small town” supporter

Nearly all of our manufacturing and sales locations are in small towns, and we like to have close ties with our local community and universities.  And because we work so closely together across our business globally, we have developed a very proactive shared culture of forward thinking employees. We believe we can leave the world in a better place than we found it.


Health and safety obsessed

Health and safety are our first priority. We are actively looking for areas to improve the health and safety of our employees, and this topic remains a priority issue with all levels of management in our company.

Our values

Customer focused

We’re driven by our customers’ priorities, not ours. We listen carefully and collaborate with them to make things better.


There’s always a right way to do something. And that’s the way we do it — never cutting corners, always up front with the customer.

One Exel

We bring together vision, goals, and people to constantly improve things for our customers — across industries and the globe.


We care about making the world better, not just our business. And although we may not always have all the answers, we’re always searching for them.


We take no satisfaction in the status quo. We’re constantly looking to move forward, because things can always be better, faster, and smarter.

An engineer’s perspective

Have you wondered what it is like to work as a product development engineer as part of a research and development team? Everyday our engineers solve customer challenges, and in this video Anjali talks about her experience working with us since she joined the company.



Staff profile

Globally, we are approximately 650 forward thinking employees here to serve you. On average our employees have worked at Exel for 8 years, with an average age of 43. About 270 of us are based in Finland, and the rest around the world.

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