Reimagine the possible with composites

Exel Composites can help you reimagine the possible for your product designs from energy-efficient window frames and durable bus panels to lightweight airship structures.

Every product design is an opportunity 

In the fast-paced world, staying ahead means continuously innovating. Every detail of every product design is an opportunity to reimagine the possible, using the latest methods and materials to improve performance, quality, and cost-efficiency.  

Just like these free-thinking Little Pigs discovered, your product designs are only limited by your imagination. Smarter designs also keep Wolf out. Whether that’s window frames that are energy-efficient, lighter, and longer-lasting or airships that redefine the limits of strength, scale, and sustainability, Exel Composites can help you reimagine the possible.

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About Exel

We are one of the largest manufacturers of pultruded and pull-wound composite profiles and tubes and a pultrusion technology forerunner in the global composite market. Our forward-thinking composite solutions made with continuous manufacturing technologies serve customers in a wide range of industries around the world. You can find our products used in applications in diverse industrial sectors such as wind power, transportation and building and infrastructure. 

Our R&D expertise, collaborative approach and global footprint set us apart from our competition. Our composite solutions help customers save resources, reduce products’ weight, improve performance and energy efficiency, and decrease total lifetime costs. We want to be the first choice for sustainable composite solutions globally. 

Headquartered in Finland, Exel Composites employs over 600 forward-thinking professionals around the world and is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.