Exel Protector™ antiviral composites

99.99% antiviral composite solution – beyond surface level protection

Antiviral protection is in the very DNA of our new composite solution.

Our new Protector™ solution embeds antiviral protection into your fiberglass and carbon fiber profiles without effecting the mechanical properties of the composite. Disinfecting spray and regular cleaning, on the other hand, only account for temporary, surface level antiviral assurance which is insufficient in the face of modern threats like COVID-19.

Protector™ goes much deeper. Unlike other solutions in the market which only offer surface antiviral treatment that eventually wears off, Exel’s antiviral additive is impregnated in the resin and permeates throughout the material for even distribution. So, no matter if surfaces are touched thousands of times a day, or even scratched, protection is never compromised. Our viral defence lasts the lifetime of the composite.

Antiviral Innovation

Your composite has built-in protection against virus, fungi and mold, inhibiting bacteria growth on the surface.


99.99% antiviral

Inhibits viral load growth on the surface for complete peace of mind


Antiviral protection permeates the entire structure for maintenance-free protection

No mechanical impact

Added during production, with no impact on the resin structure, color or mechanical properties


Laboratory tested

Validated against the human coronavirus 229 E according to ISO standard 21702 (May 2019)

Forward thinking for any application

Protector™ offers innovation across a range of applications, including transportation, hospital equipment, and cleaning tools.

We can incorporate this solution into any current or future composite products. Learn more about our solution offering here.

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