Frangible airport fence at Zilina airport in Slovakia


In Zilina airport, Slovakia, is the first frangible airport fence supplied by Exel Composites. The fence was supplied during the winter of 2009 and installed during the spring. The yellow fence is fitted around the earlier supplied Exel frangible masts, located on a field where vehicles such as tractors could damage the masts.

The Exel airport fencing product range, launched in 2007 at Inter Airport Münich, consists of panels made from fiber glass tubes. The failure mode of a frangible fence according to ICAO is “windowing” in the event of an airplane colliding with the fence. The Exel frangible fence is available in two widths 1.0m and 2.0 m with free spacing 90 mm. Standard height of the panel is 1.9 m, which makes the fence an average of 2 m height from the ground level. The fence can be installed in straight line, with 90º and 45º corners. Gates are available in single or double configuration. Standard coloring for fencing is yellow or orange, other colors are available upon request.

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