Exel Odour Cover System for settled sewage channels

In 2012 Exel Composites Australia was awarded the contract to supply pultruded glass fibre composite Odour Covers as part of a upgrade of the Eastern Treatment Plant in Victoria, Australia.

Implemented by the Melbourne Water Corporation, the project required a system of durable, high strength covers to capture foul and corrosive air from 700 lineal metres of 5.3m wide settled sewage channels for extraction to existing biofilters.

To achieve this, Exel Composites Australia developed a fully integrated cover system incorporating multicell, hollow, interconnecting pultruded profiles for optimum stiffness that safely withstand load requirements in compliance with Australian Standards. The system was designed to effectively seal against the existing infrastructure and tested to a vacuum rating of -1000 Pa.

The covers are aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and typically supplied in modules consisting of 500mm panels. All individual panels have a lifting handle built into the external frame for easy installation and removal.

The fully integrated cover system provides a complete solution for Melbourne Water and wastewater treatment plants worldwide where durability, sealing performance, resistance to corrosive sewer gasses and UV are key performance drivers.