How Sky-Frame uses composites for their unique windows and doors

Composites for unique windows and doors

The windows and doors in our buildings and homes are one of the most important architectural components. They admit light and air and expose us to natural environments, improve attention, and even lower stress. According to our customer frameless sliding door and window specialist Sky-Frame, based in Switzerland, demand for larger, frameless doors and windows is increasing, driven by architects seeking to make the most out of their views. Here, we explore how using fiberglass composites helps achieve these larger views. 

To offer greater views and maximize the amount of space allocated for the desired aesthetic, architects may design windows that incorporate larger, wider panes of glass. These larger areas of glass require a mix of engineering and materials to produce the stiff and strong frames needed. Sky-Frame’s specialty is designing and manufacturing very narrow framed windows and doors which enable larger views.  

To do this, window and door manufacturers must take care when choosing their materials because certain materials can alter the balance between the desired view, efficiency, and functionality. This is where composite manufacturing techniques like pultrusion and pull-winding provide advantages in frame design, mechanical performance, and size. 

Design flexibility with fiberglass 

The combined aesthetic and functional benefits of composites like fiberglass are increasing the material’s popularity in many industries, including window manufacturing. Firstly, fiberglass offers design flexibility. Because it is a blend of reinforcing fibers, resins, and additives, fiberglass can be manufactured to meet an array of requirements. This is important for companies like Sky-Frame, who must offer window and door designs for a variety of applications. 

Fiberglass also has a high tensile strength, higher than that of steel, and a natural stiffness. What’s more, fiberglass’ low coefficient of thermal expansion is equal to that of the glass it holds. This results in more dimensionally stable installations. Additionally, because composites are also resistant to corrosion, rot, and swelling, fiberglass framing elements are long-lasting, durable solutions. Fiberglass framing also provides a level of insulation, adding to the window’s overall efficiency.  

Quality is key 

Exel specializes in continuous manufacturing techniques like pultrusion and pull-winding. In these processes, because each individual reinforcing fiber is guided into the die, the resulting composite material has a consistent fiber density ratio. What’s more, all production infrastructure is covered by ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) certifications, which ensures a systematic approach for meeting customer objectives and providing consistent quality. 

Sky-Frame has collaborated with Exel for many years. Engineers from both companies come together to discuss options and possibilities throughout the development process. This type of collaboration is critical for optimizing product design and development.   

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