Exel Carbon Pultrusion

Exel Composites has a long experience and knowledge with carbon composites. We have designed and manufactured demanding carbon profiles for various markets since 1970's.

For more than 20 years Exel has supplied the composite solutions to wind turbine manufacturers that enable lighter and bigger rotor blades and thus cost savings, faster manufacturing process and improved energy efficiency even with low winds.

Pultrusion process

Pultrusion is the most efficient and cost-effective continuous manufacturing process for composite profiles. In pultrusion process the fibers are impregnated with a thermosetting resin and pulled through a heated die where curing takes place. Different laminate lay-ups are possible with reinforcements of mats, fabrics and multiaxials. The finished profiles are cut to length by a saw at the end of the line.

Pultrusion provides the best mechanical properties

• Accurate fiber alignment
• No wrinkles – excellent surface
• Fast production due reduced mold time
• High, consistent quality
• High strength, high fatique strength,
low weight

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