Exel Floor Laminates

Weight saving. More payload. Savings in fuel costs. More space. Possibility to use longer spans but reduce weight.
Are you looking for new solutions to achieve the above improvements in your current floor structure?

Exel Floor Laminates have been developed to reinforce wood floor and wall structures.
They are typically used in trailers, trucks, trains, busses, trams, caravans and cruising ships.
In other words, in all applications where weight saving , increase of load carrying capacity and thinner constructions are essential.
Exel Floor Laminate is either inside of the plywood structure or glued on the bottom side of the plywood.

This is how Exel Floor Laminate is composed:

Depending on performance requirements we can design the laminate structure based on various reinforcements: carbon-, glass– or carbon/glass hybrid continuous fibers or fabrics. Other fibers are also possible.
Special epoxy resin systems are used to give the best possible mechanical properties, e.g. excellent strength and fatigue properties for the product.
Our continuous lamination process ensures high quality and economical production series.

Exel Floor Laminate Features:

Thickness  from 0,35 mm up to 1,4 mm
Max. width  1250 mm
Delivery form  in rolls, cut sheets or cut into shape


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