• Exel wind energy components

    Advanced pultrusion technology

    High, consistent quality, global presence, best mechanical properties

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  • Best Surface Quality

    Largest pultrusion profiles

    the most advanced components that look good, weigh less, last longer, carry more load and minimize the service needs

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  • High-tech light-weight - 'Off the Grid' parasol

    Wallpaper showcased Exel Parasol – a solar-powered portable desk at Salone del Mobile, one of the world’s most prestigious shows for the design and furnishing sectors.

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  • Exel Composite Tubes

    carbon-, hybrid and glassfibre tubes

    Thin walls, high stiffness, high strength, superior surface finish

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  • Exel pultrusion profiles

    custom shapes and standard profiles

    Lasting performance with lightweight composites

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  • Exel Webstore 2.0 now open!

    Geographical expansion with larger product portfolio

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  • customized composite solutions

    optimized product for each application

    We design and manufacture products that give our customers a leading position in their businesses

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  • Exel Tubes in MPavilion in Melbourne

    Exel Crosslite Carbon Tubes were chosen in Australian Art Project

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  • Exel Polyurethane profiles

    for superior toughness

    excellent strength, high abrasion resistance and good fastener retention

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  • Innovative Materials

    superior product features with a combination of right raw materials

    Over 50 years of experience in chemistry, fibres and advanced manufacturing technologies

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  • Superior material properties

    Light weight, high stiffness, high strength

    Composite profiles and tubes for most demanding environments.

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  • standard shapes

    structural profiles and standard tubes and profiles

    Exel high quality UTILO-product range.
    A wide range of tooling available for standard profiles and tubes.

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    Vuositilinpaatos 2015

    Annual Financial Report 2015

    Welcome to Exel Composites

    Exel Composites is a leading technology company that designs, manufactures and markets composite profiles and composite tubes for demanding industrial applications.

    Exel Composites provides superior customer experience through continuous innovation, world-class operations and long-term partnerships

    Specific combinations of fibres (typically carbon fibres, hybrid fibres and glass fibres) and resin systems give the product the unique properties such as strength, stiffness and low weight that can not be achieved with any other material.

    Exel Composites utilizes continuous manufacturing  technologies; pultrusion, pullwinding, continuous lamination and pre-preg moulding.
    Exel Composites has 8 production units in 7 countries: Finland, Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Australia and China.

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    Exel Oyj, Vantaa head office, Mäkituvantie 5, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland, Tel +358 20 7541 200, Fax +358 20 7541 201