About Exel Composites

Headquartered in Finland, Exel Composites employs approximately 650 forward-thinking professionals around the world.

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Stephen Smith

+61 439 362 292

G’day! Do you have questions about composites? We help customers like you solve challenges and save resources with composites. I’m based in Melbourne and we serve all of Australia and New Zealand. Feel free to give me a call or send an email, or leave a message for me down below.

Exel Composites Stephen Smith

We design and manufacture a wide range of composite solutions for different industries and applications.


Tubes, telescoping poles, and tool handles

Standard and custom solutions in fibreglass, carbon fibre, or a hybrid mix of both.

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Composites for transportation

Solutions for public transportation (tram, train, bus, coaches) as well as truck & trailer, and automotive composites.

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Composites for telecommunications

We provide antenna radome solutions from 4G to our patented 5G millimeter wave composites.

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Composites for buildings

We deisgn and manufacture a range of building solutions, from fibreglass structural profiles to carbon fibre hybrid door frames.

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Composites for wind energy

Our composites are helping blade manufacturers and turbine OEMs improve wind power efficiencies

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Composites for defense applications

Our composites solve a wide range of challenges for our defense customers providing light weight and durable solutions

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Composites for infrastructure

From composite conductor core to wastewater treatment, composites solve many challenges.

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Composites for machinery and electrical applications

From carbon fibre delta robot arms to AC motor insulating laminates, composite solve many chalenges

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Exel Composites bus panel

At Exel Composites, we use over 60 years’ experience to solve challenges and help customers save resources. Our forward-thinking composite solutions made with continuous manufacturing technologies serve customers in a wide range of industries around the world. You can find our products used in applications from wind power and transportation to building and infrastructure.