Proxy representative and powers of attorney

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A shareholder may participate in the Annual General Meeting and exercise his/her rights at the meeting by way of proxy representation.

A proxy representative shall produce a dated proxy document or otherwise in a reliable manner demonstrate his/her right to represent the shareholder at the Annual General Meeting. When a shareholder participates in the Annual General Meeting by means of several proxy representatives representing the shareholder with shares at different securities accounts, the shares by which each proxy representative represents the shareholder shall be identified in connection with the registration for the Annual General Meeting.

The shareholder, his/her authorised representative or proxy representative shall, where necessary, be able to prove his/her identity and/or right of representation at the General Meeting.

Possible proxy documents should be delivered in originals to the address Exel Composites Plc, Annual General Meeting, Mäkituvantie 5, 01510 Vantaa, Finland, before the end of the registration period.