Composites tubes

We design and manufacture a limitless number of composite tube possibilities using pultrusion and pull-winding. We work closely with you so you can take advantage of our materials and design engineering experience and our continuous manufacturing expertise. We work with you to tailor tubes and other profiles to meet your application or specific needs. We have extensive tooling for a wide range of standard tube dimensions in fiberglass, carbon fiber, or a hybrid mix of both fiber types.  

Tubes can be designed as round, conical (tapered tubes for example like a ski pole), or in a near limitless range of geometries to meet your needs.  

Key benefits

Thin walls

We specialize in some of the thinnest walled tubes available, less than 1 millimeter!

Light weight & high stiffness

You’ll feel the difference once you pick up a composite tube. Stiffness and strength properties tailored to your needs.

Long life, corrosion resistant solutions

Built to withstand not only the loads but the environments they are used. Composites are extremely resistant to corrosive and harsh operating environments.

Carbon fiber tubes

Our carbon fiber tubes are perfect in situations where you are looking for very stiff, strong and lightweight benefits. We produce three main categories of carbon fiber tubes: EXELITE, ULTRALITE, and CROSSLITE, each having different mechanical characteristics for different uses.

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Specifications of EXELITE



Specifications of ULTRALITE



Specifications of CROSSLITE


Fiberglass composite tubes

While heavier than carbon fiber, our EXELENS and ULTRALITE fiberglass tubes offer very competitive weight savings versus aluminum and steel; and the durability of fiberglass delivers long life cycles. We tailor the design and material specifications including resin systems to meet your application’s needs. Both pultrusion and pull-winding give us the ability to cost efficiently manufacture these tubes at a consistently high level of quality.

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Specifications of EXEL EXELENS



Specifications of ULTRALITE


Hybrid composite tubes

A hybrid composite is a strategic mix of glass and carbon fibers. Using our hybrid composites allows you to take advantage of both glass and carbon’s advantages and strengths, with an eye on cost-levels. These composites are manufactured using the same pultrusion and pull-winding processes, and we work with you to recommend and design the optimal solution for your needs.

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Case study examples

Discover how we created innovative composite tube applications across the world.

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