Exel composite profiles for transportation industry

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Composites provide several material features that are crucial in Transportation Industry


Composites are much lighter than metals and this way lead to cost savings through lower installation costs, easier handling and lower fuel consumption.

Strength and stiffness

Strength is directly comparable or better than steel and aluminium providing lighter, safer and cheaper alternatives. Stiffness properties outperform plastic and other non metallic materials typically used. If required, metals moduli can be matched through right selection of reinforcements.

Thermal insulation

Composites are excellent insulators and contribute to the thermal efficiency of the application: no cold bridges, no cold feeling, no ice formation. They exhibit excellent shape stability and very low thermal expansion and don’t get brittle in the cold.

High chemical and corrosion resistance

Composites resist a wide range of chemical agents and are unaffected by acid rains and salt sprayed roads, environments where metals suffer.


Composites are elastic materials: they can be deformed and spring back to shape without permanent damage. Shape memory and impact tolerance are important benefits to serve in the transport industry.

Shape capacity

Pultruded profiles offer the possibility to integrate functions in one and the same profile. This results in parts reduction but also in an easier installation. Profiles are unlimited in length and can be over 1m wide.

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