Composite Toolhandles and Telescopic Poles

Exel Composites is the world’s leading manufacturer of composite tubes, tool handles and telescopes for various applications. In addition to high-quality composite tubes, we offer assembled tool handles and telescopes to OEM businesses, ensuring our customers a leading position in their chosen markets.

In addition to tubes, tool handles and telescopes, we can offer you value adding services:

  • Branding, including printing
  • Assembly
  • Fabrication, e.g. tolerance cutting or drilling
  • Wide range of accessories, including various handgrips, threads and end-plugs


Some typical application areas:

  • cleaning
  • gardening and forestry
  • maintenance (cleaning snow, painting, grinding etc.)
  • flag poles
  • boat hooks
  • microphone booms
  • tripods
  • camouflage support poles
  • camera stands
    just to mention few...


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