Composites for stronger and lighter wind turbines

Wind turbine designs continually improve the turbine’s power output capacity and performance.
Blade design is critical, and as turbine manufacturers look to make longer, stronger, and lighter blades
, composite technologies play a critical role.

With over 20 years experience in the wind industry, global manufacturing, and over 50 years with composites, we work side-by-side with turbine manufacturers to pioneer composite solutions.

Our carbon fiber, fiberglass, and hybrid composite and resin solutions combined with expertise in pultrusion manufacturing provide turbine manufacturers with efficient and economical design solutions.
We can consult you on the best carbon fiber fit for your design.

Our composite solutions for wind turbines include:

  • blade reinforcements and rotor blade laminates
  • spar caps
  • turbine blade root joints, fiberglass spacers and carrots
  • cable management systems
  • service platform structures and ladders
  • generator insulation solutions

The higher stiffness and lower density of carbon fiber results in a longer, lighter and stiffer blade, and a more efficient turbine. Lighter blades also mean fewer turbine and tower components are needed.

Why pultrusion is important for the wind energy

A combination of design and manufacturing expertise provide our foundation for pultrusion manufacturing. We understand how to use carbon fiber in the most cost efficient manner to meet cost, weight, and strength requirements.
Pultrusion is a key technology to achieve this
. Pultrusion is a continual process that reduces production waste and time and maintains a consistent production quality compared to other composite manufacturing processes. With the pultrusion process, composite fibers are first impregnated with a thermoset resin and then are pulled through a heated die where the resin cures. Additional laminate overlays are possible, as well as the addition of reinforcement mats, fabrics and multiaxial products.

Pultrusion benefits include:

• Precise fiber alignment
• High quality, wrinkle-free surfaces
• Faster production and reduced mold times
• Consistent product quality
• High strength, high fatique strength,
lower weight compared to traditional materials

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